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Triumph Upright Bass - Bemutató Példány!

Triumph Upright Bass - Bemutató Példány!
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On Sale: 2 559.682559.68
Begin: 02/04/2015   While stocks lasts!
This beauty is available in 4 and 5húros versions, the Triumph is a modern version of the original Framus design, manufactured in the early 1950's.The body and neck are made of handpicked maple, with a Tigriscsíkos Ebony fogólap.For elektronika, you will find a custom MEC alnico magnetic pickup and a set of specially designed piezo húrláb pickupok.These pickupok can be blended and controlled with a unique Passzív mixing system.All Triumphs come with Króm hardver.The tone range is wide and comprehensive, covering everything from the most woody of tones to the nearly synthetic tone that New Age bassists seem to love.The new Triumph is easy to dial in and enjoy!

Bemutató darab akciós áron!
  • Elektromos nagybőgő

    5 húros!!!

    Csak fretless verzió

    AA lángolt jávor test

    AAA lángolt jávor top

    Lángolt jávor nyak

    Skálahossz: 1040mm

    MEC nyak pickup

    Piezo húrláb pickup

    MEC elektronika

    Piros szín

    Króm hardver

    Kézzel gyártott Ebony nut

    Warwick Triumph köszörült húrok

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